National Coatings Inc. Celebrates Over Two Decades of Excellence in Coating and Painting Services

[RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA] — [SEPTEMBER 25, 2023] — National Coatings Inc. (NCI) proudly commemorates its impressive journey spanning more than two decades as a leading provider of professional painting, sandblasting, industrial coating, and wall covering services. Since its establishment in 1996, NCI has consistently delivered exceptional service, earning the trust of clients across diverse industries.

“National Coatings’ story began over twenty years ago, and each day feels like a new beginning, another opportunity to unite in our efforts to fulfill the company’s vision,” said [Zeb Hadley], [CEO/President] at NCI. “Our core values of dedication, integrity, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence have been the driving force behind our success, enabling us to provide premier, professional painting, wallcovering, sandblasting, and industrial coating services nationwide.”

In 2022, NCI successfully completed projects in 32 states, serving clients in industries such as retail, government, hospitality, healthcare, and education, among others. This national presence solidifies NCI’s position as a trusted and premier service provider in the field. The company’s commitment to its core values extends beyond mere words, forming the bedrock of its organizational culture.

“Our approach to workplace culture builds on our core values, which are also vital for all human beings,” [Zeb Hadley] continued. “This commitment ensures alignment with the company’s vision, fosters a shared mindset, and inspires purpose. We invest in our people because we understand that it leads to healthy individuals who, in turn, have a vested interest in the growth and sustainability of the company.”

At NCI, the goal is to drive the business through these core values, transcending the boundaries of a mere poster on the wall. This approach creates lasting value for all stakeholders, as the company treats its team members with the same dedication and respect that it extends to its clients. Building an internal community through various activities and staff incentives is a cornerstone of NCI’s culture.

“At National Coatings, we aim to get 1% better each day, creating a ripple effect that benefits not only our team but also our clients, communities, and partners,” [Zeb Hadley] emphasized. “Our impact is rooted in relationships, starting with our dedicated team members and extending to our clients, many of whom have become an integral part of the NCI family.”

National Coatings Inc. continues to uphold its commitment to excellence and looks forward to many more years of delivering top-tier services, forging lasting relationships, and making a positive impact in the coating and painting industry.

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About National Coatings Inc.

Since 1996, National Coatings has provided customers premier, professional painting, sandblasting, and industrial coating services, including applying various decorative coatings such as Zolatone, Polymix, Duroplex, and Acrylitex. We also provide wall covering installation from standard vinyl products to wall fabrics and wood veneers. We take pride in our ability to handle challenging projects like waste water treatment facilities, power plants, and petroleum facilities, where a quick turnaround time is critical and necessary. Color Masters Painting merged with National Coatings in 2016, bringing both teams together to serve our customers more effectively nationwide. With offices in Boise, Bozeman, Denver, and Raleigh, we successfully completed projects in 32 states in 2022 for clients in various industries, such as retail, government, hospitality, healthcare, and education to name a few. Our core values of dedication, integrity, team player, and pursuit of excellence form the foundation of our team’s output, enabling us to provide premier, professional painting, wallcovering, sandblasting, and industrial coating services nationwide.


About National Coatings, Inc.

National Coatings is a trusted commercial and industrial painting company serving a broad range of commercial and industrial customers, large and small, throughout the U.S.A. We offer expert painting, wallcovering, industrial coatings, and sandblasting services, plus more. Color Masters Painting merged with National Coatings in 2016.