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Painting Services for Historical Renovations

Historical renovations require special attention to detail and care in order to properly preserve buildings without causing damage. The team at National Coatings has the skills and experience to handle even the most delicate projects and restore historic sites to their former glory. You can trust us to deliver results and provide the ultimate in customer service. From choosing the right paint products to completing the project and cleaning up the job site, we will be there every step of the way.

Industrial Coatings for Historic Sites

In some cases, industrial coatings may be the right choice for historical sites. These modern products include epoxies, urethanes and other coatings that provide even more durability. They can be safely applied to any surface to help resist scratches, stains and dents. If protecting the historic site is your main priority, industrial coatings may be the right solution in certain situations.

Sandblasting Services for Historical Renovations

If dirt, rust and corrosion have been eating away at a historical site, sandblasting is one tool that can be used to clean and restore surfaces. Our experts can help decide whether this is the right approach and then use sandblasting to remove any buildup so that new paint and coatings can be applied to the surfaces.

Our Approach

At National Coatings, we understand that historical renovations require a delicate touch, that is why we work closely with clients to ensure a successful project. We take all the necessary precautions to protect buildings, and complete work according to schedule so that there aren’t any delays in the project. Our professionals will also take great care in cleaning up the job site and leaving it in better shape than when they arrived. You can rely on us to deliver high-quality work along with superior customer service.

"I would highly recommend National Coatings for any of your project needs. They have performed multiple projects for our company of varying sizes and have repeatedly delivered in terms of quality and timeliness."

Michael Pritt VP of Preconstruction, Holt Brothers

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Long-Lasting Quality & Function

Industrial facilities are some of the most world’s demanding indoor environments, with heavy equipment, moisture, heat, and around-the-clock usage. National Coatings has the quality industrial-grade paints needed to stand up to these challenges, but it doesn’t stop there. We offer a range of industrial coatings, including epoxies, elastomerics, concrete stains, waterproofing, and more. We also offer valuable sandblasting services, enabling us to clean even the dirtiest and most corroded metal and concrete surfaces to prepare them for painting and coating. No matter what the size of the industrial facility or the scope of the customer’s needs, the National Coatings team will deliver value, excellent service, and long-lasting quality.

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