Universities and Schools Painting Services for Schools

Painting Services for Universities and Schools

Schools and universities work hard to create a warm and inviting environment that welcomes students and faculty and supports learning. Everyone should feel inspired and motivated by their surroundings, which is which is why National Coatings offers professional painting services to all schools and universities. The right color scheme and textures on both interior and exterior surfaces can drastically change a building and provide the perfect educational setting.

Industrial Coatings for Universities and Schools

Any school or university has to deal with heavy foot traffic that can cause wear and tear. Industrial coatings can be applied to floors, walls and ceilings to offer maximum durability and longevity. We have experience with the latest in cutting-edge epoxies, urethanes and other products that can provide lasting protection along with a customized look. You may be surprised to see just how many different colors, textures and designs can be achieved with modern industrial coatings.

Sandblasting for Universities and Schools

If you have buildings on campus that are suffering from flaking paint and dull surfaces, sandblasting is a fast and efficient way to remove corrosion, paint and other coatings. Sandblasting will leave you with a completely clean surface that is ready to receive a new coating and breath life into your buildings. We have the equipment, skills and experience to handle any size project and renew your surfaces.

Our Approach to Universities and Schools

National Coatings will work with you through every step of your project. From choosing the right coating products and colors to cleaning up, we take a detailed approach to each and every project. We understand that canceling classes and shutting down a building may not always be an option. Our team of professionals will come up with a schedule that will allow them to block off certain areas in order to accommodate your needs and keep everyone safe.


Once the project is complete, our team will take care of all the clean-up and your site will be left in pristine condition. You don’t have to put up with outdated buildings with faded and cracked coatings. We will help you create a beautiful learning environment that supports your goals.

About National Coatings, Inc.

National Coatings is a trusted commercial and industrial painting company serving a broad range of commercial and industrial customers, large and small, throughout the U.S.A. We offer expert painting, wallcovering, industrial coatings, and sandblasting services, plus more. Color Masters Painting merged with National Coatings in 2016.