Marquette, Michigan

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Projects from This Location

National Coatings has served the needs of our clients throughout the U.P. of Michigan and into Wisconsin for many years. Whether the projects are large or small, commercial or industrial, our skilled and experienced staff has made its presence known. We are now the largest painting contractor in the area, and our industrial team has provided sandblasting and special coating applications to many rural water and wastewater treatment facilities, such as Hannahville, Arcadis, and Marquette Lift Station. Our work at Wisconsin Electric Tower and Marquette Board of Light and Power stands as a testament to our ability to perform under tough conditions in the powerhouses. National Coatings’s commercial projects can be seen in many of the hotels, casinos, schools and universities, restaurants, governmental facilities, and hospitals throughout the area. Learn more about our Marquette, Michigan project portfolio below.

Marquette Projects

About National Coatings, Inc.

National Coatings is a trusted commercial and industrial painting company serving a broad range of commercial and industrial customers, large and small, throughout the U.S.A. We offer expert painting, wallcovering, industrial coatings, and sandblasting services, plus more. Color Masters Painting merged with National Coatings in 2016.