Raleigh Industrial Coatings for Any Work Environment

National Coatings works with businesses throughout Raleigh to provide expert industrial coating services that help create a clean and durable work environment. Our team of highly trained experts can take on any challenge and deliver results. We work with a wide range of products and materials to provide an industrial coating that best fits the demands of your building.

From more traditional latex materials to complex epoxies and urethanes, our team has the skills and experience to apply any type of industrial coating throughout your facilities. Whether you need to create a waterproof environment or simply create more durable and scratch resistant surfaces, we can deliver.

Our selection of industrial coatings can also be customized to create decorative looks that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your buildings. We work with Zolatone, Acrylitex, Polymix, Duroplex and other products to provide stylish finishes and long-lasting protection for the best in form and function.

Versatility at its Best

Throughout decades of serving businesses throughout Raleigh, we have encountered projects that require careful attention to detail and the ability to overcome challenges that other companies won’t even take on. From working with liquid epoxies and elastomeric coatings that require precise application techniques to covering walls, ceilings and floors in tight spaces, we have continued to deliver beautiful and durable results that have helped us build lasting relationships and earn repeat business. No matter what industry you work in or what type of industrial coating project your need to tackle, we can help.

Are you ready to transform your industrial buildings into a more welcoming and durable work environment? Call the experts at National Coatings. We have worked with companies across Raleigh and surrounding areas to add a new level of style and protection to workplaces that have to deal with heavy machinery, constant foot traffic and moisture control issues. We can help you experience the same benefits of long-lasting industrial coatings.


Raleigh Projects

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