GT Resort Governor’s Hall Acme, MI

The GT Resort Governor’s Hall project was a complete remodel of the building. Our crew was tasked with repainting the entire interior of the building. We also had to remove all 3,000 square yards of the existing vinyl wallcovering, and then replace it with the new wallcoverings in the designated areas. Some of the wallcovering that were applied, required runs of up to 35 feet in the air with a matched pattern. This job also included building several new walls and removing and old escalator and patching in that area. This was a very tight schedule project, as we only had 24 days to complete everything. Thankfully, we were able to achieve this tall order with the help of Bouma Corp and some workers from our other National Coatings’ offices.


Check out the video for a time-lapse of the project and the pictures below to see the amazing change between the before and after photos (video and photos courtesy of Grand Traverse Resort and Spa).


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