Project Service: Sandblasting

Marquette Ore Dock

Marquette Ore Dock has long been the facility where freighters are loaded with iron ore pellets to be shipped to various locations on the Great Lakes. This was an extensive project, that was completed over a two-year period. Work could not be completed during the winter, due to the harsh weather conditions. The project required […]

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Soldier Canyon Filter Plant

At the Soldier Canyon Filter Plant site in Fort Collins, Colorado, National Coatings has sandblasted and coated the interior of a 4 MG steel potable water storage tank.  This water storage tank was 1,000 square feet on the exterior. We also painted 500 square feet on the exterior of an 80,000-gallon steel backwash storage tank. […]

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Chocolay Bridge

Chocolay Bridge (also known as M28 Soo Line Railroad Overpass) is a historical bridge located in Marquette, Michigan. National Coatings was tasked with the honor of restoring this bridge to its former glory. During this project, the bridge had to be fully contained because of the sandblasting and painting. This made it to where a […]

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Natural Gas Turbine Electrical Generation Facility

The Natural Gas Turbine Electric Generation Facility is but one example of the electrical generation sites that National Coatings, Inc. has had the privilege to service throughout Colorado. On this site we were contracted to prepare and paint power facility exteriors including structural steel, generator and turbine enclosures, inlet and outlet filters, and exhaust stacks.

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CEMEX is a large cement manufacturing facility, where National Coatings provided preparation and coating services. We performed sandblasting and coating for stairways, platforms, catwalks, structural steel, and site buildings. The below photo illustrates the work performed on the bag house structure of the manufacturing facility.

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Georgia Pacific

Georgia Pacific is one of the world’s leading makers of pulp and paper. National Coatings was contracted by them to sandblast and apply special coatings to the exteriors of 100-foot and 125-foot stacks. We were also tasked to do the sandblasting and/or water-blasting to several wood dryers, tanks, silos, catwalks, and conveyor lines throughout the […]

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Niobrara Oil Transfer Station

Niobrara is an oil transfer station located in Carr, Colorado. National Coatings has sandblasted and painted pipe throughout this facility on multiple occasions.

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Humboldt Mill

Humboldt Mill is a historic mill in Champion, Michigan that reopened in 2014. Owned by Lundin Mining, this mill produces separate nickel and copper concentrates. We have painted various projects for Lundin Mining that have included both interior and exterior painting. Some of the tasks were painting buildings, offices, doors, frames, equipment, industrial pipes, and […]

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Powell Aquatic Center

The Powell Family Aquatic Center in Powell, Wyoming was another project completed by National Coatings while under very tight time constraints and requiring attention to detail.  The pool required blasting and patching, which had to be done before the walls could be coated and the striped could be painted. The walls of the center required […]

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