Industrial Coatings Epoxy, Waterproofing, & More

Industrial coatings from National Coatings offer proven protection for floors, walls, and ceilings in even the most demanding environments. Our team provides the application of a multitude of coatings ranging from typical latex materials and waterproofing to the much more complex epoxies, urethanes, and numerous other materials. We provide these coating applications both in the field, and also in our controlled-environment booth. Our qualified teams of tradesmen are certified and possess vast experience applying various decorative coatings such as Zolatone, Polymix, Duroplex, and Acrylitex. We’ll help you identify the perfect coating for your application and your needs, and then apply your coating with the experience and attention to detail needed to deliver the premium, long-lasting results you need for powerful ongoing protection.

Industrial Epoxy Services 

Industrial Waterproofing Services 

"It is my pleasure to recommend the painting services of National Coatings, Inc. During the past four (4) years, our company has worked directly with Color Masters on numerous projects, as referenced below. The company offers top-notch quality service. Across the board, we are always pleased with their work."

Jerry G. Coram, Jr. President, Coram Construction

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Wide-Ranging Capabilities

At National Coatings, our industrial coating specialists have been working with all types of specialty coatings for many years, using expert knowledge to provide top-quality installation of:


Epoxies & Elastomerics
Liquid epoxies and elastomeric coatings can be very challenging to apply correctly. With proper installation from National Coatings, both coatings offer outstanding protection and water resistance for concrete, stucco, cinder blocks, and other porous surfaces. Plus, we’ll help you choose which coating is right for your facility’s surfaces.

Vertical & Horizontal Concrete Staining
The right concrete stain can transform a dull, industrial-looking concrete floor into an attractive, modern, and stylish surface. We have a huge selection of options for colors, tints, and finishes that offer beauty and protection for any medical office, retail space, or other commercial facility.

The National Coatings team also offers valuable exterior waterproofing capabilities. We start with repairing all cracks in concrete, cinder blocks, brick, stucco, and mortar that might allow water ingress. Then, we coat all exterior foundation and wall surfaces for durable protection.

The Benefits of Our Specialty Coatings

National Coating’s specialty and industrial coatings deliver performance, aesthetics, and value in just about any application. Our epoxy and elastomeric coatings protect floors and walls in high-traffic areas, where heavy machinery, foot-traffic, and moisture are concerns. Our concrete stains are the perfect way to add style and protection to any concrete floor or walls. We also specialize in tank linings, fluoropolymers, waterproofing materials, urethanes, and electrostatic coatings.

We also keep our customers’ porous surfaces protected from moisture inside and out, ensuring their facilities last longer, perform better, and hold their value, so our coatings often pay for themselves over time. Finally, we are pleased to lend our expertise to each customer to ensure we apply the ideal coating product for any application, ensuring the very best results.

About National Coatings, Inc.

National Coatings is a trusted commercial and industrial painting company serving a broad range of commercial and industrial customers, large and small, throughout the U.S.A. We offer expert painting, wallcovering, industrial coatings, and sandblasting services, plus more. Color Masters Painting merged with National Coatings in 2016.