Duroplex Coating

At National Coatings, we provide a range of coating options to meet the needs of our customers. Duroplex coating is  just one of the products we use to provide stylish and durable coatings that will resist damage, fading and abrasions for a long-lasting finish. If you manage a high-traffic facility and a demanding workplace, Duroplex can help protect your surfaces and keep your interior looking like new.

Duroplex provides a water based acrylic coating that dries to a hardness that is rated at 80% as hard as steel. This means that it will resist water, prevent mildew and prevent scratches and scuffs. You can even clean it using liquid soap and water without having to worry about removing any of the coating. With Duroplex, it will be easy to protect and maintain your building and enjoy a clean and professional look.

Choose from a long-list of colors, textural effects and patterns to create a unique design that highlights your building and offers a welcoming environment. Duroplex is available in metallic glazes, multi-color finished and monochromatic options. There are no limits to the type of decorative coating you can create and with our expert installation techniques, your building will look better than ever.

National Coatings is committed to providing the best in high-quality products and professional application services. Our team has experience applying a wide variety of coatings in all types of environments and they will use their skills to ensure an optimal final product. All of your surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for a smooth and well-bonded application. Your project will be completed on time and we will take special care to clean up the area before we leave so that you can enjoy your updated facilities.

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