Urethane Coating

At National Coatings, our professionals have expertise in a wide range of coatings, including urethane coating. This material provides an incredibly durable finish that is perfect for industries that face persistent exposure to weather and chemicals that can cause corrosion and abrasion. We can help create customized urethane solutions that meet the specific challenges of your business.


Uses For Urethane Coatings

Urethanes are especially effective when applied to outdoor equipment. This coating can protect against moisture in the form of rain and snow, as well as, UV rays. Your valuable and essential equipment will be protected and continue to look and operate like new. Urethane uses a two-part system to provide a highly durable coating and a high-gloss finish. Ultimately, this will save money by reducing damage to machinery and eliminating the need for frequent coating reapplications. Also, you won’t have to disrupt a project or your daily workflow to make repairs.

We can also cover other plants and facilities in urethane so that you can enjoy the durability of this coating throughout your business. Your coating color can be customized to your company and the urethane will offer superior color retention. At National Coatings, we use the best in high-quality products that offer VOC compliance so that you can protect the environment and reduce unnecessary exposure to chemicals.

No matter what industry you work in and what type of equipment or facility you need to update and protect from chemicals, the elements and other harsh circumstances, we can help you find the right urethane coating. Our experts will quickly and efficiently complete the application process so that you can enjoy a beautiful and durable final product without as little disruption to your business as possible. With services that span much of the country, we can meet all your coating needs. Contact us today to get started.  

Urethane Coating

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