Zolatone Coating

If you work in high-traffic areas that are prone to scratches and scuffs, Zolatone coating offers a durable and colorful solution that is designed to add protection while also effectively concealing scratches. This coating can keep up with the demands of your workplace and continue to provide a clean and professional looking environment. You simply can’t achieve the same results with regular paint.

At National Coatings, we specialize in helping businesses take advantage of the benefits of Zolatone coating. This product offers a multi-color paint that adds richness and dimension to any coating. The added texture is not only visually appealing, but it helps protect walls for a longer lasting coating that will continue to look like new.

Our team of professionals has the skills and experience to expertly apply this coating. They will prepare your space, apply Zolatone using typical equipment and thoroughly clean up before leaving you with a beautiful new space that has been painted according to your specifications. You will enjoy beautiful colors, clean lines and a durable coating made to last.

With years of experience providing business across all industries with coating solutions that meet their needs, you can trust us to complete your coating project. If you need help maintaining a high-traffic area, Zolatone may be the perfect solution. You can even retouch spots if significant chipping or damage occurs. Choose from unlimited color options to find the right combination that reflects your brand and creates the perfect environment for visitors and employees.

Call National Coatings today with your questions about Zolatone or any other commercial painting and coating products and services. We are happy to talk and help you get started. Plus, with locations across the country, you can take advantage of our expertise no matter where you do business.

Zolatone Coating

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