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Sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting, is a fast and effective way to smooth or shape a surface or remove old paint, coatings, sealant, scale, or corrosion. National Coatings provides trusted on-site commercial sandblasting services for customers throughout the United States. We have the equipment and know-how needed to perform sandblasting projects large and small, maintaining our outstanding safety record and our dedication to quality workmanship. Whether it’s preparing surfaces for paint or coating or restoring old, rusty metals, we’re your go-to abrasive blasting service for reliability, value, and skill.

"For over four years, National Coatings, Inc. has performed commercial painting for Hudson Construction Company. They offer superior services, strong leadership, and an exceptional record of compliance with OSHA standards."

Stanley E. Hendon VP, Hudson Construction Company

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Abrasive-Blasting Applications

With our mobile abrasive-blasting capabilities, we can safely clean and prepare many types of surfaces at customers’ facilities across the country. Possible blasting applications include:


Surface Preparation
Many of our industrial coatings and paints require concrete and metal surfaces to be completely clean, dry, and devoid of any dirt, grime, old paint, or defunct coatings. Sandblasting can also be used to “rough-up” a surface, helping certain paints and coatings adhere properly.

Many of our customers have problems with the buildup of dirt, grime, scale, rust, and other debris on their equipment and surfaces. At National Coatings, we can clean any surface quickly, accurately, and safely with abrasive blasting. We have the know-how and different types of grit to get the job done right.

Texturing & Etching
Specialty abrasive blasting can also be used to create interesting decorative surface textures and modern finish effects. National Coatings also has the experience and capability to etch glass and metals with lettering and other graphics for a unique, custom look.

Outstanding Safety in Sandblasting

Our experience with industrial sandblasting and application of numerous industrial and marine coatings isn’t the only thing that sets our company apart from our competition. Our track record of safety does as well. Sandblasting and abrasive blasting requires extensive training and certifications to be performed correctly and safely.

The National Coatings team has the properly maintained equipment, safety gear, protective clothing, and blast media containment and collection gear to ensure fast, precise blasting with no mess and no contamination of the job site or adjacent properties. Every member of our team takes pride in our sterling safety record, and we view each new sandblasting project as an opportunity to build on our well-known tradition of safety on the job site.

About National Coatings, Inc.

National Coatings is a trusted commercial and industrial painting company serving a broad range of commercial and industrial customers, large and small, throughout the U.S.A. We offer expert painting, wallcovering, industrial coatings, and sandblasting services, plus more. Color Masters Painting merged with National Coatings in 2016.